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APPLE (fresh – cider ) SHAPED COCKTAIL GLASS 300ml

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Can you imagine a cocktail or fresh – cider in this apple?

It is an extraordinary design piece dedicated to a special presentation and bartending competitions. Generally, for some events focused on design where a barkeeper has sufficient time for cleaning, more complicated in this case, however compensated with a wonderful shape. A filling port is smaller to maintain an accurate apple shape and therefore an apple design allows filling with small ice cubes or ice grit. There is a product of apple 2 for standard operation in a restaurant . It is a glass for cocktail, fresh, but without a straw , used as well as a decoration for fresh flowers inside the glass. As all the products of Hruška glass brand, this prouct is made of high quality glass Simax ( boro -silicate, chemically and thermally resistant and used in food or chemical industry. As all other products it has an own box with a glass straw. It works very well for presentation and advertising due to its beautiful shape and design attracting the customers. Facebook presentation, billboards, advertising outside a bar or restaurant really draw attention and great interest to visit them. We highly recommend an ideal combination of glass for normal use apple 2 and some pieces for presentation of apple 2. Glass volume is up to 300ml. Design owner and producer is Roman Hruška who, at the same time, is the owner of the brand Hruška glass oriented to design, production and sale of the exclusively hand-made glass. Brand is characterized by the layouts inspired by nature and design of our surroundings.

Box dimension: 12 x 12 x 12cm

Weight: only 162g

Content: 300ml/10,14 oz

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