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Can you imagine a cocktail or fresh in this apple?

It is a design but, as well, functional product dedicated to everyday work in a bar or restaurant. Design is proposed to suit everybody’s needs. A filling port with a diameter of 5cm allows to fill the glass with a plenty of ice, necessary for normal operation. With an easy cleaning process, all glass parts are accessible also with two strong fingers. Glass volume is up to 300ml. Of course, it is dishwasher-proof. Each apple is a n original hand-made glass made by the real glassblowers from Czech Republic well known by the worldwide quality and recognition. Are you a dry ice fan? Well, we have good news for you, because the glass is composed of two units, the glass and its cover. Only a few glass can keep dry ice within the glass. After filling the glass with dry ice you just close, and if neccessary, open the cover to drain the ice, it’ s really amazing. Your customer will be thrilled. Concept of the glass is an apple, however, without the upper part is a multifunctional glass, of a ball shape, for any drink. As a whole it is also perfect for fresh. With unlimited possibilities it fits to any bar or restaurant concept.. There is a glass straw in each package which can be removed and replaced by another. Why a glass straw? As it’s safe. Each piece is in an original box and all glass is made of chemically and thermally resistant glass SIMAX ( boro-silicate ), used in food, chemical industry and healthcare. Mainly appreciated by fans of dry ice. Glass design process was mainly focused on the customer. Glass doesn’t have a tab or stem, nor 90% of glasses and it’s really funny to take the glass as a real apple and to drink. Design owner and producer is Roman Hruška who, at the same time, is the owner of the brand Hruška glass oriented to design, production and sale of the exclusively hand-made glass. Brand is characterized by the layouts inspired by nature and design of our surroundings.

Box dimension: 12 x 12 x 12cm, bulk density 0,5kg

Content: 300ml/10,14 oz

Wholesale: If you are interested wholesale price, please contact us by email: wholesale@hruskaglass.com

Material:Products under the brand of Hruška Glass are made of kind of molten glass SIMAX, which is characterized by high heat and chemical resistatnce defined by the international standard ČSN ISO 3585. Due to its characteristics it is used everywhere where the products have to reach the highest standards such as health, chemistry or in the food industry. SIMAX glass is resistant to a temperature up to 300 ° C


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Weight0.20 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 cm


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