HANDMADE Wineglass with red crystals

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Wine glass with red crystals

The shape of the glass is specially designed to enhance and multiply the bouquet and taste of wine, therefore it has been tested by professional wine taster who confirmed nicer bouquet and better taste of wine in this glass comparing with other glasses.

How is it possible? During the wine-tasting and its finishing were bouquet breaks the edge of the glass and  consequently the wine  gets better bouquet and taste. There is a calycectasis (glass narrowing) in the upper level for the presentation of the overall effect serving to the best bouquet inhalation and also to maintain the wine in glass while tilting and rotating the wine.  Each piece is unique, hand-made, and its luxurious impression is created by white-silver crystals in the glass holder. The glass volume is 450ml and it´s suitable for white wine. The glass is designed for everyday use in bars, restaurants, wine bars or as a gift for wine enthusiasts.  It´s made of high quality glass with a robust impression and therefore it is possible to clean it in a dishwasher without any special treatment as in case of some other design glasses (mainly appreciated by successful restaurants and bars due to its easy cleaning and manipulation). Next owners and potential customers will appreciate glittering crystals in the glass holder.

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