NEW Poppy Head shaped cocktail glass

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Original, yet functional design of the poppy head is inspired by the nature. Glass is suitable for general use, as well as in restaurants, bars or other premises or homes. The hole is large enough to clean the glass, to fill in cocktails but it could be also cleaned in a dishwasher. This cup is distributed in original box and with a glass straw. Of course, also an ordinary straw could be used. The product is made of high quality glass, which is characterized by the high temperatures and chemical resistance and which is used for example in the food, medicine and chemical industries. The design of “Poppy Head without the Stem” is modified compared to a model “with Stem” which offers greater variability and could be used as the vase as well.

Content: 300ml/10,14 oz

Box dimension: 10 x 10 x 23cm, bulk density 1kg

Weight: 172g

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Weight0.20 kg
Dimensions21 × 15 × 12 cm


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