About us



The Hruška Glass brand means interesting shapes, piece of nature, works of art, simple and unconventional, but mostly functional design of glass products. It has been founded by manager, product designer and owner Roman Hruška. Hruška glass is dealing with its own design, as well as custom manufacturing.
Our products are handmade by masters of glassworks exclusively in the Czech Republic. Czech glass production dates back to the second half of the 13th century and has a very strong position as a global industry as well artworks glass industry, on which focuses also our brand.
Products under the brand of Hruška Glass are made of kind of molten glass SIMAX, which is characterized by high heat and chemical resistatnce defined by the international standard ČSN ISO 3585. Due to its characteristics it is used everywhere where the products have to reach the highest standards such as health, chemistry or in the food industry. SIMAX glass is resistant to a temperature up to 300 ° C.


Main customers of Hruška Glass are hotels, cocktail bars, restaurants and other services that want to differentiate from the competition even in the smallest details and offer its customers the maximum care.

Based on our customers requirements, and to provide the maximum service, we extended our assortment by interesting glassware produced by machine with lower prices than hand-made glass products.

Actually, we are operating only as a wholesale company, if you are interested in making any order or to become our customer, please, don´t hesitate to contact us at: sale@hruskaglass.com