Partners with us

Partners with us

We are excited to welcome you as a wholesale partner or affiliate member of our company. By joining our program, you will have the opportunity to work closely with us and benefit from exclusive offers and promotions. We look forward to a successful partnership with you.

Affiliate program

On this page, we would like to explain the basic questions regarding cooperation with us. We offer three options for cooperation. The first option is our Affiliate program. Every partner who joins the program will receive their unique discount code. Subsequent orders that are made through the partner’s code will be processed through our website and directly shipped to their customer. Our partners will earn commission for each such purchase. The advantage of this system is that the partner does not need to purchase products directly from us or sell them to the end customer. The only disadvantage of this program compared to a wholesale partnership is that it depends on our current inventory, and in case of smaller orders that are not in stock, the partner’s customer may need to wait for the products to be made. This applies to orders less than 500 € excluding VAT and shipping. Orders above €500 will be made within our standard wholesale period of 30 days. The condition for producing a product is the payment of a 20% deposit, which your customer pays directly to us. In this type of cooperation, there is no obligation to reach a certain turnover or order amount. If you operate in an online environment, it is not necessary to purchase our samples. We can monitor the entire process through online analytical tools, and you will have access to the results. This program is suitable for influencers, micro influencers, bartenders, and cocktail enthusiasts who cannot afford to purchase products in bulk.

Wholesale partners

If you would like to become a wholesale partner, we have a simple way for you to sell our products. The minimum wholesale order is €500 excl. VAT and shipping costs. There are no other conditions that need to be met. Wholesale orders are delivered within 30 days. The only thing to consider is whether you will hold and purchase inventory on hand or be dependent on our delivery time and production lead time. We do not hold inventory for wholesale orders, meaning your customers will have to wait for their orders to be produced and shipped to you if you do not have the product in stock. We understand that in our industry, product samples are commonly sent out for free, however, due to the high cost of hand-making and shipping worldwide, we are unable to send samples to everyone for free. Therefore, you will need to purchase sample products at wholesale prices. However, sample costs will be refunded to you on your first wholesale order. If you are interested in a wholesale price list, please contact us via email. We do not ship wholesale orders directly to customers, only to you. Wholesale partners must have their own e-shop or brick and mortar store. The advantage of being a wholesale customer compared to the affiliate program is a higher earning potential and commission.

Sales representative

The possibilities for selling our products are almost unlimited and there is a huge market potential for selling our products. Our products are unique and contain artistic value. It is therefore not realistic for us to cover the entire world commercially and in terms of marketing. Therefore, we are looking for sales representatives from different countries for online and offline presentations of our products.We are also looking for sales representatives who would be able to visit our customers or interested parties in their region with samples of our products. The sales representative acts under the official brand, uses the official email of our company and receives commissions from all orders within his assigned region. This type of cooperation requires that each sales representative have some sort of company or authorization to do business. His job will be handling email orders and correspondence for his region or area, as well as actively offering and presenting our products. Sales representatives do not have to have any inventory. Packaging and shipping will be handled directly from the factory. The difference compared to other collaborations is primarily that in the case of a sales representative, it is necessary to fulfill the agreed-upon goals and minimum turnover from the assigned region. However, a big advantage is that the sales representative continues to receive commissions from all orders from the beginning to the end of the collaboration.